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Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Paper 1 (December 2016)

Accepted online:, 2016-03-05 Original Research Paper, Pages 1-16

Introduction of a CDIO based learning in an automatic electronic engineering degree

Alorda, Bartomeu; Carmona, Cristian; Pons, Pedro


Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Paper 2 (December 2016)

Accepted online:, 2016-03-01 Original Research Paper, Pages 17-31

Teaching methodology applied to industrial safety technologies by the criterion of the national scientific and technical body specialised in such areal

Sebastián, M.A.; Brocal, F.


Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Paper 3 (December 2016)

Accepted online:, 2016-02-22 Original Research Paper, Pages 32-44

Design of a Chemical Milling Line for a Manufacturing Practice-Labs

Del Sol, Irene; Álvarez, Miguel; Gomez-Parra, Álvaro; Calvino, Antonio; Batista, Moises; Marcos, Mariano


Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Paper 4 (December 2016)

Accepted online:, 2016-04-26 Original Research Paper, Pages 45-61

Active Learning: a framework for student motivation through the acquisition of competencies

Fiol-Roig, Gabriel


Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Paper 5 (December 2016)

Accepted online:, 2016-02-14 Original Research Paper, Pages 62-72

Implementation of Computation Methodologies through Python Programming Language for Subjects Taught in the School of Naval Engineering of the UPM

González, L.M.; Cercos-Pita, J.L.; Esteban-Burgos, D.


Volume 3 - Issue 3 - Paper 6 (December 2016)

Accepted online:, 2016-10-23 Original Research Paper, Pages 73-83

A powerful technique for combining complex path models with latent variables

Llopis-Albert, Carlos; Palacios-Marqués, Daniel


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